YTS #1 LoL External Script

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YTS is a fully scripting platform which comes with sets of features that can be enabled/disabled to your liking, making it customizable exactly how you want. If you can get used to it you can easily climbing to high elo

Features (WIP):

  • Activator (Ignite/Barrier/Health, Smite, Cleanse...)
  • Awareness (Traps,Wards,Spells, Ult, Jungle timers, Recalls, gank detector..!)
  • GodEvade Fully configurable (Dodges Lines,Circles,Rings,Cones,..)
  • Orbwalker (Hotkeys for Combo, Lane Clear, Last Hit, Flee, Spellfarm)
  • Prediction (God prediction and enemy movement analyze.)
  • Over 40 Champions (Constantly expanding list, Fully customizable!)
  • More...

Why Us?

  • Top 1 External on the market
  • 100% Undetected, 0 ban since release
  • Constant updates and improvements
  • New champion releases and updates regularly
  • 5 Star rating on our main webstore with 1500+ verified purchases
  • 24/7 Support in; English
  • Small and friendly community
  • Supported regions: Riot
  • Support AC regions: Korea/Japan Server
  • Supported OS: Win10, Win11
  • More...
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